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Apr 19, 2013 7:00pm PDT
has been visiting patients in hospitals in beijing and shanghai. they're trying to identify the source and the root of the virus. 88 people in china have so far been infected. 17 of them have died. japanese health officials say the bird flu could spread worldwide. officials at the national institute of infectious diseases studied reports of human infections and the characteristics of the virus. they say they've seen no reports of people infecting each other but have seen the virus become more infectious. they say they cannot rule out the possibility of a pandemic. the officials say the virus may be changing in ways that make it more likely to enter people's throats and noses. they say chickens, wild birds, and pigs that show no symptoms may be spreading the virus and could infect humans. >>> the bird flu outbreak in china is taking its toll not only on the health of the people but also on the economy. as the virus spreads and concerns grow, people are eliminating chicken and duck from their diet. this is causing serious damage to the poultry industry. nhk world's michitaka yamaka repor
Apr 19, 2013 6:00am PDT
and prevention, and china's health authority have been visiting patients in beijing and shanghai. 88 people have been infected, 17 have dies. >>> the bird flu is taking it's toll not only on the people, but also on the economy. people are eliminating chicken and duck from their diet. this is causing serious damage to the poultry industry. >>> city restaurants are losing a lot of money as many kmern vs. stopped ordering poultry fishes. orders have dropped off almost 50%. >> we're very concerned about the damage caused by unfounded rumors. it's a very serious situation for us. >> shoppers are also buying less poultry, both processed and unprocessed. so prices are falling. they're down by 20 to 30% since the first flu case was reported in beijing. and the price of eggs has also fallen by as much as 30%. >> translator: for the good of my health, i'm trying not to eat chicken. >> translator: i don't know how long this situation will last, but i'm really concerned. >> the spreading disease is having an impact on people's daily living. some are taking their own preventive measures. this man works for a
Apr 13, 2013 5:30pm PDT
mitchell reports from beijing. >>> miracle at sea. jet liner crashes and breaks in two, everyone on board survives. >>> fight over guns, on the streets and on capitol hill. an emotional plea from a newtown mother as another republican senator comes out in support of expanded background checks. >>> and the legacy of a pioneering american athlete. our look at the new film about the life and times of jackie robinson. >>> hello, everyone. as we come on the air this evening in the u.s., dawn has broken on another new day in north korea. and the world braces once again for the test of a north korean medium range missile that we have been expecting all week. but in an important new development tonight, china has agreed to step in the middle to try to reign in north korea's threats and ambitions. john kerry has been hopscotching across asia in an effort to dial back tensions. andrea mitchell is traveling with the secretary. she has more now from beijing. andrea, good evening. >> reporter: good eek, lester. secretary kerry claims success, but china complained that the u.s. has been too aggressive
Apr 13, 2013 7:00am PDT
to investigate itself. hasu.s. secretary of state met chinese leaders in beijing as part of an effort to calm tensions on the korean peninsula. john kerry held talks with the chinese president on saturday. a day earlier, he met south korean officials to discuss north korea's military threats. p'yongyang says it is going forward with its military work. decided they has following for the purpose of furthering the nation's nuclear energy industry and putting it on a solid foundation -- the cabinet and related institutes will set up plans to implement the decision. >> this comes amid concerns that north korea will soon test a medium-range missiles, something the u.s. secretary of state would be -- the u.s. secretary of state says would be a provocative act. p'yongyang is blocking access to an industrial park it runs jointly with south korea. a professor of political science at the city university of hong kong says china and the u.s. have a shared interest in bringing north korea back to the negotiating table. >> china and the united states understand that i noted to be effective in exerting press
Apr 4, 2013 11:30pm PDT
is coming from shanghai. it we did travel to beijing and do we need to build or not? you got my vote that we do need to build it because we were able to travel to beijing, it was smoother than bart and on time and were there in 2-and-a-half hours. it's a great infrastructure and we should emulate and copy. while in beijing, we had a number of good meetings, the first was with china osha shipping company. we didn't meet with staff, we met with the chairman way who is a very impressive fellow and he did explain to us, we told him about our bulk operation, he said that costco has the largest bulk fleet in the world and he negotiated to have this done in the port project. lastly one of the highlights of the trip professionally it was a highlight for me too was commission adams through his connections, his friendship, really set up a meeting with am bass bassador with the us embassy. they were so gracious with their time. he went an hour with him in his chambers with a number of his commercial staff, department of commerce staff, to discuss trade and labor issues, our port. he was a very
Apr 10, 2013 1:00am PDT
that secretary carrey is on his way. he will go to tokyo, beijing, seoul. he'll talk about what's going on. particularly with the chinese trying to see if they can figure out, persuade the chinese that they have a mutual interest in stopping this behavior by kim jong-un. i'm also told it's probably publicly known that the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff is heading over there and so will the head of the cia. the idea is to, quote, have a deep dive into beijing and have everyone try to convince the top leadership in beijing that they hold the key and that it's in their interest as well as everybody else's interests to get this brought back from the brink. you know, again, while they know and jay carney said just a couple of minutes ago this is the way for north koreans to step back, the problem is does kim jong-un really understand this off ramp as admiral locklear pointed out and as many people are worried about? they know that these sort of provocations has gone on for decades now but this young leader, they don't know whether he knows how to get off on the off ramp. that's a big iss
Apr 9, 2013 6:30pm PDT
. >> we have more on a man stuck in a legal limbo. it has been one year since they raided his beijing office and arrested the german shipping agent. they interrogated him in this building for 12 hours. without access to a lawyer and an interpreter who barely understood german. he was pressured into signing a statement in chinese. in the middle of the night, he was taken to this prison and put in a 20-square meter so with 12 other inmates. >> i thought the whole thing was a mistake. it was extremely emotional to be laying there, trying to sleep, not knowing how the other 12 people are around me and why they are there, why i was there. >> he spends 127 days in prison, unable to communicate and still without access to a lawyer. it took four months before he was released on bail, but he is not allowed to leave beijing. he has been accused of tax evasion to the tune of 2.4 million euro. it is a he deliberately undervalued important artworks to avoid high tax levies. >> it's not actually possible for me to do that. it is the customers who declare their value. we provide a service and do not
Apr 16, 2013 7:00pm PDT
and beijing. and the provinces of jiangsu, he nan and anhui. the world health organization says it will send a team of experts to china to assist with the bird flu outbreak. who spokesperson said they are responding to beijing's request. the team will include u.s. and australian researchers as well as w.h.o. experts. they're expected to travel to china later this week. the team will be joined by chinese experts. they'll conduct analysis for about one week. they'll also study ways to prevent further spread of the virus. who officials say there's still no evidence of human to human of spread. the concern the outbreak may spread in china because the source of the infections has not been found. >>> analysts are looking into the future. they're estimating the pace of growth for economies around the world. joining us now from the business desk. good morning. what do they see? >> good morning. the results overall point to slower growth. those in japan suggest things are picking up. the international monetary fund has upgraded japan's economic outlook the next two years on expectations the country's
Apr 24, 2013 7:00pm PDT
in beijing with south korean foreign minister. they quoted lee as saying the chinese would spare no effort in denuclearizing the mission. they will oppose any act that goes against that goal. security analysts wonder how far they have progressed with their program. mark fitzpatrick moved to the institute. he said they could be close to fitting nuclear warheads on ballistic missiles. >> one can't say for sure but they have been working on nuclear related explosives for over 20 years. i assume that they probably could mount nuclear warhead on one of their ballistic missiles. probably not one of the longer range missiles because that's a more difficult task. the question is whether any nuclear warhead would be reliable. i think it's that uncertainty which leads many governments to say they can't say with any conclusive confidence that north korea has a nuclear weapon. we were all waiting to see what kind of results might be obtained from the capture of any zenon gases in the atmosphere and when none were discovered in the couple weeks after the test the hope of knowing whether it was plutoniu
Apr 26, 2013 7:00pm PDT
of them is the dispute between tokyo and beijing over the senkaku islands in the east china sea. another is the recent visit by japanese ministers to a shrine that honors the country's war dead, including several convicted war criminals. >>> the suspect for the boston marathon bombings is behind bars. officials took him out of hospital and put him in prison. tsarnaev is recovering of throat wounds. he admitted he and his brother tamerlan set off two bombs near the finish line of the boston marathon and he's told investigators they planned to take explosives to new york and set them off in times square. health officials in boston say the bombings killed three people and wounded more than 260. >>> consumers in the united states have helped speed up the growth of their economy, but analysts say the latest gdp figure falls short of their expectations. officials with the commerce department say the economy grew in the first quarter by an annualized 2.5%. analysts had expected 3. consumer spending grew 3.2%. personal consumption accounts for over two-thirds of u.s. gdp. investment in housing r
Apr 12, 2013 6:00am PDT
. this one in central beijing opened last year. sweaters like these can cost more than $570, but shoppers are snapping them up. >> translator: it feels so soft, and i feel so comfortable in cashmere. >> reporter: this is ordos in the autonomous region of inner mongolia, about 800 kilometers northwest of beijing. the people here produce 40% of the world's cashmere. the city is surrounded with rough lawns. it's an ideal region for raising goats that produce cashmere wool. and the wide temperature range each day also makes their wool grow better. as consumers buy more cashmere, the industry is booming. so, many farmers here are switching from growing crops to raising goats. but the increase in the number of goats is destroying the environment. they eat the grass right down to its roots, and this is turning fertile lands into desert. the wind blows the sand eastward. the results are felt by people across a wide area. >> translator: my throat starts aching, and some days the sand dust is so bad, i can't even go outside. >> reporter: three years ago, officials imposed limits of the number of go
Apr 15, 2013 6:00am PDT
counterparts in the region. he's consulted with leaders in tokyo, seoul and beijing. he wants the chinese to take care of problems in their own back yard. nhk world's kaho izumitani reports. >> reporter: the u.s. secretary of state has lent his diplomatic weight to a challenge that changes day by day. john kerry met with japanese prime minister shinzo abe on the last stop of his asian tour. they agreed to work together in this time of heightened tension. >> it was a very constructive conversation with the administration. and we have reaffirmed the strength of the partnership. >> translator: your message placing importance on the asia pacific region will encourage japan, and other asian nations. >> kerry repeated that message throughout his tour of asia. he reassured his counterpart in seoul that u.s. forces stand ready to defend their allies. kerry delivered another message in beijing, encouraging chinese leaders to use their leverage. >> the united states and china remain fully committed to the september 2005 joint statement of the six-party talks and to its core goal. and that core goal
Apr 16, 2013 5:30pm PDT
the total to 78. 16 people have died. cases of infection have been reported in shanghai and beijing. and tother provinces. authorities have been culling birds after the virus was found in live poultry sold in markets in areas where infections were reported. the world health organization say it is will send a team of experts to china to assist with the bird flu outbreak. who spokes persons said they were responding to beijing's request. the team will include u.s. and australian researchers as well as who experts. they're expected to travel to china later this beak. the team will be joined by chinese experts. they'll conduct analysis for about one week. they'll also study way does prevent further spread of the virus. who officials say there's still no evidence of human to human of spread. the source of the infections has not been found. >>> crews at the fukushima daiichi plant in japan have started work on a project toston contaminated water from escaping into the environment. workers for tokyo electric power company discovered three of seven underground storage pools are leaking. tep
Apr 26, 2013 2:30pm PDT
highlighted simmering tensions between indigenous muslim people and the central government. our beijing correspondent has been to the scene of the latest violence. it means a new frontier, the edge of china. closer to afghanistan than beijing. rich in energy and minerals. china is developing this land fast. that is causing tensions. we slip past the checkpoints film and discreetly. the authorities do not want reporters here. the government version is a group of terrorists inside a house were discovered. three officials were taken hostage and stabbed to death. another 12 that rushed to help were burned inside a room before armed police killed some of the men. on the scene is scored off. we soon heard a different story. the locals said it was a longstanding dispute. government officials trying to force the men in a religious family to shave their beards, the women to take off their veils. hiddeni who do we have identities to protect people from government reprisals. >> i saw one injured man. he had a machete. he chased the police into the government compound. he was shot in the leg and fe
Apr 13, 2013 11:00pm PDT
.secretary of state john kerry met with chinese president xi jinping in beijing. kerry is urging them to pressure north korea to tone down its threats of a nuclear attack on the u-s, south korea and their allies. china's state councilor says his nation is committed to the denuclearization process on the korean peninsula. together, kerry wants to achieve worldwide security and economic stability. "find a resolution" secretary kerry's next stop on his asian trip is japan. north korea sent a harsh warning to the island on friday, through its state- run media. japan is taking precautions, but their foreign minister says they won't be pushed around by north korea's rhetoric. rather than deliver his customary weekly address -- president obama elected to give his time to the parents of a six-year-old boy who was killed in the sandy hook massacre. they used the national spotlight to make a plea for action to stop gun violence. here's part of what the mother -- francine wheeler had to say. >> i've heard people say that the tidal wave of anguish our country felt on 12/14 has receded. but not for us. to us,
Apr 25, 2013 7:00pm PDT
william burns met on thursday with the chinese state counselor in beijing. burns also met the vice president. >> this is a moment of considerable opportunity in our relationship, and i look forward very much to discussing ways in which we can take advantage of that opportunity. >> u.s. diplomats have put pressure on china to dissuade north korea from making further provocations. >>> chinese officials have held various high-level meetings with u.s. counterparts over the issue. japan's defense policy chief arrived on thursday in beijing. he's expected to meet with chinese officials to talk about setting up an emergency hotline among other things. the chinese have asked the japanese to keep the content of their discussions confidential. chinese patrol ships have entered japanese waters around the islands repeatedly in recent months. japanese defense officials say in january one chinese frig gat locked on destroyers. they denied it. >>> an official spoke to nhk about the bird flu. >> translator: we've confirmed that most of the patients from shanghai went to marketplaces which were inf
Apr 12, 2013 2:30am PDT
will. >> jim, secretary kerry is also scheduled to visit china. what is beijing's role in all of this and that visit? >> well, beijing's role is absolutely critical. i mean, it's north korea's main ally. the main trading partner. it seems to be on the same page for once with the united states, which is really rare when it comes to frustration, deal with the -- a very erratic kim jong-un. so beijing does have influence. it can turn on the taps of food, of fuel. but the question is, will beijing be willing to do that? it doesn't want to see a collapse of the kim regime. that would only trigger huge flows of refugees into china. a collapse would likely lead -- what does that mean? -- on china's doorstep. some kind of solution will have to be found without wrecking the whole status quo. and that will be a big challenge. but no question, it's all in china's court. >> nbc's jim maceda live in seoul, south korea. thanks, jim. >>> more u.s. aid is on the way to syria. president obama cleared $10 million in nonlethal assistance adding to the hundreds of millions promised or already sen
Mar 31, 2013 11:00pm PDT
in tokyo. mainly dry. temperatures coming up in beijing. getting down close to freezing at night. south across china, an awful lot of rain that has been here a few days now. really no sign of easing off. that rain, a very wet one .xpected in hong kong across indochina there are a few showers but not looking too bad. 30 in hanoi. process asia we have lots of warm weather here. r, calcutta - naipui -- dry in sri lanka. -- a fineh are here picture here in the arabian peninsula. mecca, a very warm nine degrees celsius. > >> welcome back. our top story from al jazeera, heavy fighting in northern mlaa. islamist fighters in timbuktu are engaging with african soldiers backed with french fighter jets. southgations across africa have held services for the former president nelson mandela who has been in hospital since wednesday with pneumonia. the government says his condition is improving. the united states has sent in more stealth aircraft to north -- south korea as pyongyang says a's nuclear arsenal is not bargaining chip and that they would attack u.s. bases in the pacific and are still at war
Apr 9, 2013 11:00pm PDT
kerry is on his way. he will this week go to beijing, tokyo and seoul and he'll be talking about what's going on. but particularly with the chinese, trying to see if they can narrow the gap and figure out, persuade the chinese that they have a mutual interest in stopping this behavior by kim jong-un. also, i'm told, and it's probably publicly known, that the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff is heing over there in the next couple of weeks and so will the cia. the idea is to, quote, have a deep dive into beijing and have everyone try to convince the top leadership in beijing that they hold the key, and that it's in their interests as well as everybody else's interest to get this brought back from the brink. you know, again, while they know, and jay carney said just a couple of minutes ago, that this is the way for north korea to step back. the problem is, does kim jong-un really understand this off-ramp as admiral locklear pointed out. i think that's a big issue. and of course, there is this new york channel, the state department while it won't confirm details of what was said does
Apr 6, 2013 11:05am EDT
in institution building to be able implement, not only to have laws in beijing and roles but to be able to implement and enforce the rules across a wide range of areas. from the environment to securities laws, and so one. -- and so on. a lot has to do with not just rules and institutions but it has to do with good governance and transparency. i really believe that the only way for this to work is both the leaders and citizens have got to be invested in the rules- based system. so, now you come to corruption. this is a serious problem and it is infuriating people. i would say the biggest source of anger -- there are a number -- but one of the biggest sources has to do with property rights. --a civil officials municipal officials taking and selling land, which is one of the big financing vehicles for urbanization. but going after that corruption, the head of the committee and a member of the standing committee is the man we know well here. he was my counterpart at the sed and has been one of the top economic reformers in china. he knows how to get things done. >> the strategic -- >> excus
Apr 8, 2013 7:00pm PDT
that beijing was the clear favorite to host the 2008 games. he said some ioc members will make up their minds after seeing presentations in july by each candidate city. members will vote for the winner in september. >>> people in northern areas of japan are dealing with powerful gusts. >> a very strong low pressure system battered much of the country over the weekend. it's still lingering near hokkaido and northern japan, producing very strong winds yesterday. let's take a look at this video. intense gusts caused havoc in northern japan yesterday. gusts of 100 kilometers an hour flipped a truck in miyagi prefecture. luckily the driver was not injured. strong winds blew a prefab house. the house landed on a man, the man was pulled out by neighbors but survived. so very serious conditions yesterday. but tomorrow, looking good. nice conditions and winds are dying down. so temperatures are going up. so that could raise the risk of avalanches in northern japan. rain is going to come back across the north but that is not going to be as strong as yesterday. another day of dry weather. because overni
Apr 15, 2013 7:00pm PDT
elsewhere. officials in beijing confirm that a 4 year old boy tested positive for the latest strain of avian influenza. they say he shows no symptoms but they're keeping him under observation. a 7 year old girl was the first case. her parents sell live poultry. three more cases appeared over the weekend. two why in beijing and now hunan province has one. the virus is hard to tackle. >> translator: chickens don't develop flu symptoms from h7n9. they look healthy from the outside. so it's hard to tell how far the epidemic has spread. >> he says chinese authorities don't seem to be taking appropriate measures, including culling the infected birds. he warns that if authorities can't contain the virus in birds, it may mutate and be able to transfer between humans. >>> they're working against a backdrop of fresh problems at the crippled nuclear plant. they started proceedings on monday. they asked tokyo electric power officials for details about the plant's clean up. the inspector's plan to examine the plant itself then will happen in draft assessment. tepco has discovered that tons of radioactive
Apr 13, 2013 10:00pm PDT
korea. as cbs reporter charlie d'agata explains beijing isn't offering any specifics on how it might reign in pyongyang. >> reporter: as north korea's main supporter and mo slider of -- provider of food and oil, china is america's best hope if breaking the stalemate over the country's nuclear ambitions. >> we both call on north korea to refrain from any provocative steps. >> reporter: kerry warned that would be a huge mistake but dictator kim jong-un continues to threaten to attack targets in the u.s. and china and japan. >> we really want to focus people on the better alternative. and we don't want to get into a threat for threat or you know some kind of confrontational language here. there has been enough of that. >> reporter: to encourage resolution of the conflict, kerry even said the u.s. would be willing to draw down military assets in asia if china succeeds in reigning in north korea. although beijing didn't offer specifics, chinese leaders pledged to help find a peaceful solution to the standoff through dialogue. but the only way to get that is to get north korea back to nego
Apr 9, 2013 5:30pm PDT
filled with smog including p.m..5. officials of the two you countries will attend a seminar in beijing on april 18 to discuss the issue. japanese representatives will explain how they control air n contaminati contamination. japanese auto makers and other companies will share their latest green technology at the event. >> translator: we hope this seminar will help us think about how we can assist china to overcome the problem. >> p.m. 2.5 is included in car smoke. >>> china has reported another death from the new bird flu strain. so far 28 people have been infected. nine people have died. health authorities reported the death of a 35 year old woman. she was being treated for the h7n9 bir flu. a total of 28 case vs been confirmed in shanghai and other provinces. the sources of infection remain unknown. they're trying to prevent further spread of the disease. pigeons are being captured. there's a ban on trade of life poultry. another case of bird flu. this time it's the h5n1 strain that has authorities in southeast asia on the alert. vietnam confirmed its first death from the h5n1 viru
Apr 18, 2013 6:00am PDT
officials in beijing have accused japan of making trouble over the islands which the chinese called dialou. a new defense ministry white paper refers to territorial disputes and other pacific region but japan is to only country singled out by name. the report says china's military must protect the country's sovereignty and marine interests. it also says naval fleets will develop their ability to carry out mobile operations. chinese warships were in the waters as reportedly part of an exercise. the document is the first defense white paper published since president xi jinping took office. a former navy captain gave us his take on where this new policy is headed under this new generation of leaders. >> the new leaders idea, of course, so they change the structure completely. the feature of the paper must be specific. they criticized japan as making trouble on the issue around the senkaku islands and criticized the united states to adjust their policy in asia-pacific. they introduced the army structure in the second chapter and also the number of soldier, but it's also part of the autobio and
Apr 23, 2013 6:00am PDT
already been confirmed in shanghai, beijing, and four eastern provinces. 109 cases have been reported. 22 people have died. >>> rescue crews in china are working in the rain to reach survivors of an earthquake that hit the inland province of sichuan. aid workers are speeding up their efforts to provide food and water to those in need. the magnitude 7 quake hit the city of ya'an on saturday. the tremor killed 193 people and injured more than 12,000. 25 others are still missing. soldiers and police officers continued their efforts to locate people trapped under collapsed houses and buildings. the first critical 72 hours has passed as of tuesday morning. the chance of survival is said to plummet after that. it started to rain on saturday raising fears of landslides. blocked and damaged roads have hampered the delivery of aid supplies to people in mountainous regions. workers are using construction machinery to clear and rebuild the roads. more than 400,000 people have lost their homes. survivors have been forced to camp outside in makeshift tents. >>> analysts say the disaster has become a l
Apr 20, 2013 5:30pm PDT
the latest from beijing. >> reporter: the powerful 6.6 magnitude quake struck shortly after 8:00 this morning. for a full minute, it shook towns and villages in china's sichuan province. this in an area where memories are still raw of a devastating quake five years ago that killed more than 90,000 people. the government immediately dispatched thousands of soldiers and rescue workers to the scene. though many roads in this mountainous area were blocked. in villages near the epicenter, authorities said nearly all the buildings had collapsed. there were extraordinary scenes as rescue workers scrambled to free people trapped in the rubble. there were at least 700 aftershocks. excavators and heavy machinery are moving in, as well as tents, blankets and other emergency supplies. china's new prime minister has flown in to direct the operation. tonight, rescue workers are still struggling to reach some of the more remote areas hit by the quake, and the number of casualties seems certain to rise. ian williams, nbc news, beijing. >>> an update on another big story we've been following this week, that h
Apr 12, 2013 5:30pm PDT
is china where kerry is headed next amid signs that beijing may be growing weary of its increasingly reckless neighbor. >> they've got to try to defuse the situation. they can do that, it seems to me, by exercising more pressure on the economic relief that they provide the north koreans. >> reporter: but so far china has only stepped up its criticism of kim, not using its real power to stop him from carrying out threats. as secretary kerry heads to beijing he wants to see real action from china, not more words. brian? >> andrea mitchell starting off our coverage from seoul tonight. thanks. >>> as the drama continues to play out on the world stage, the motives behind the actions of north korea starting to be a little bit more clear. something of a trade-off the north perhaps expects to get out of this. we get that part of the story tonight from our chief foreign correspondent richard engel. >> reporter: analysts say north korea doesn't want nuclear war. that would be suicidal. along the border there are no signs it's mobilizing for one. ultimately, this is about money. using threats a
Apr 13, 2013 6:00pm PDT
of state john kerry was in beijing today urging china to get tougher with the regime of kim jong-un. charlie d'agata has details. >> reporter: as north korea's main supporter and provider of food and oil, china is america's best hope in breaking the stalemate over the country's nuclear ambitions. >> we both call on north korea to refrain from any provocative steps, and, that obviously, refers to any future missile shoot. >> reporter: kerry has warned that would be a huge mistake. but dictator kim jong-un continues to threat tone attack targets in south korea, japan, and the united states. >> we really want to focus people t br alternative alterne,e d'tan to get into a threat-for-threat, or, you know, some kind of confrontational elect here. there's been enough of that.te and to encourage resolution of the conflict, kerry even said the u.s. would be willing to draw down military assets in asia if china succeeds in reining in north korea. although beijing didn't offer any specifics, chinese leaders pledged to help find a peaceful solution to the standoff through dialogue. the only
Apr 13, 2013 11:00pm PDT
explain, beijing is not offering any specifics on how it might reig in pyonyang. >> reporter: china is america's best hope in brake breaking the stalemate over the country's nuclear ambition. >> we call on knot to refrain from any provocative step, and that obviously refers to any future missile >>eportek that would mist diat kim jong-u continues to threaten targets in south korea, japan, and the quiets. >> we want to focus people on betterral terribletive. we don't want get in a threat for threat or some kind of confrontational language here. there's been enough of that. >> reporter: to encourage resolution, kerry even said the u.s. would be willing to draw down military assets in asia if china succeeds in reigning in north korea. although beijing didn't offer any specifics with chinese leaders pledged to find a peaceful solution through dialogue. the only way to do that is to get get forth korea back to negotiationings that collapsed in 2008. but north korean leaders say ve n their nuweapon, which they now called their treasured guarantee of security. >> john kerry say he would t
Apr 4, 2013 5:30am PDT
for the united states helping to contain china. those have been concerned in beijing about american troops trailing in australia but the prime minister batted that concern away. >> inevitably there is some between competition us but it will be managed well in the future. >> china is also becoming a i l economic partner and asked whether it concerned her that china was playing a larger yet behind-the-scenes partner the pacifics. >> we believe their aid and development money needs to be the subject of proper accountabilities and transparencies so people can see the work that's being done. moving on before beijing and shanghai. >> a family has been named in a corruption case. princess christina will be questioned in the case against her husband. >> she, the youngest daughter of the king, he, a former olympic hand ballplayer. a former business partner and he are accused of funneling $7.6 in public funds to companies they controlled 6 now his swife being called to account, too. >> the judge has explained she did not participate actively and that is being corroborated by almost every stateme
Apr 2, 2013 9:00am PDT
on to the humidity. also coal fire power plants. and increasing cars, 5 million cars in beijing. industrial factories making stuff for us use here in america, agricultural burning. one thing called air pocalypse. chine says it was only 500, because it's high as their machine could register. machine there's since the olympics said it was higher. right now it's 188. today with nothing going on, unhealthy day here in beijing. there is the bay, there's beijing on a good day. slide this bar over and show you what it looks like, this gray haze that hangs over the city with the beijing air just being choking for these people. >> unbelievable, isn't it? chad, thanks so much. just -- sitting in that base like it does, it doesn't go away. >> and the fact their instruments don't measure as high as it is. they don't have the right instruments. >> it goes above like horrendous, yeah. horrible. >> horrendous. >>> apple ceo forced to say that he is sorry to millions of customer. going to tell you what the tech giant did wrong and how he's trying to fix it. i remember the day my doctor said i had diabetes. there's a
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Apr 5, 2013 1:00pm PDT
to beijing and we plead with the chinese to ring in their north korean allies. the chinese distract concessions so on a short-term basis this is good for beijing. long-term it's beside because of what north korea can do in the region. >> can do what in the region? they can reach japan. >> they can. it's driving the region much closer to the united states, which beijing really hates. the south koreans wont nukes, the japanese would have vary large arsenal if they went nuclear. taiwan if it had nukes would reduce china's presence. so this is bad for beijing. but when you got a really bad policy and you can't change it, there's something really wrong in your political system, and there's something wrong in china. >> can you confirm that pyongyang warned foreign embassies to move out? >> what's going on here is a little kim-style kabuki. they want to ramp up the pressure but the important date is same. the 101st after versus over the kim il-sung, the founder of north korea, and all of these event, from dennis rodman to the missile, has been stage-managed. i if we hear rhetoric on the
Apr 16, 2013 9:30am PDT
find something a little bit different. you can find a tour group based out of beijing that tours north korea and has been doing so for the past 20 years. we skyped with one of the tourism managers who leads these tours into north korea and she was skyping with us from a soccer match. >> how did she get a signal out of north korea? >> she said a 3g signal and skyped from her smartphone. the tour of the manager is named hanna beraclat. she tries to communicate that people in north korea are people. >> people are people. you want the same things out of life. they enjoy going to a football match, to out to have a beer, that kind of thing. perhaps it is a big holiday, which it is the anniversary of the birthday of the president of the country. everybody is in quite good spirits. >> the majority of the people, according to hanna, don't even know what the west is reporting. >> some of them are aware of it and some of them aren't. it's a fun atmosphere. we're at a football match and it's a very fun atmosphere here at the moment. >> as the tours are going on and as the core of tours are putting
Apr 9, 2013 6:00pm PDT
very dear to my heart -- see the cultural arts in china. we attended an opera in the beijing opera house. we also had a tour of the chinese national theater. part of the reason for my visit is exploring opportunities for our students and teachers to have exchange opportunities in china and our hosts were most appreciative when i was able to explain the deep value that we have in san francisco public schools for languages and language emersion programs. they're looking forward to having their teachers come visit us as much as we are about visiting them. before i go further i would like to present this formal letter of agreement that i signed. don't worry, i didn't enter any contract, but i did sign a formal letter of undering between the san francisco unified school district and the bureau of education of hangzow stating we're going to continue to talk about establishing this relationship where our teachers will be able to study in china and vice versa and our students and principals will also have that opportunity. so i'd like to present this to you on behalf of the delegation
Apr 13, 2013 11:44pm PDT
to talk about it beginning tomorrow night the day after when i arrive in beijing that we are really on our way to kind of manufacturing beautiful wonderful things that people can take with them that they are looking for all the time. i got those inquiries. what are you making in san francisco, the middle class in china, they have money to spend, they are investing all over the world. i want them to invest here along with the other 400,000 visitors that come through here and take the advantage of the exposure and what everybody associated with the movement here. we can have more of the products, more of the accessories, more of the things that they want to have as memories, but also make on going connections with us. i want to thank all the volunteers that are working here because, you know, you do it for the love of the city. if the visitors who speak multiple different languages walk in and they don't get a smile from a volunteer, earning a lot of money, they are not going to spend money and not feel appreciated. we all know in this industry, it's not just the smile we care about, this is
Apr 13, 2013 9:30pm EDT
world conference on women in beijing. it was signed by the woman whose words at that conference served to motivate millions of others. you know those words first uttered by hillary clinton wearing that pink first lady suit at the podium in beijing. she said it there is one message that echoes from the conference, let it be that human rights are women's rights, and women's rights are human rights, once and for all. [cheers and applause] when hillary clinton spoke those words, killed in the patriarchal power struggle were ready to hear them. there were still were prepared for the earth words to reverberate through to succeeding decades. we hear there and go in the voice of one of our co hearst's, the fearless somali doctor who has created a safe and peaceful civil society on her family's lanford tens of thousands of internally displaced people. -- land for tens of thousands of internally displaced people. we will hear from a woman who survived rape and testified we hear their echo.f rape. the heart wrenchingly vulnerable, steely malala, who had not even been born when hillary spoke in so
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Apr 13, 2013 9:00am PDT
with president of china and otherings in beijing. it is his second stop. according to cerpy, two countries are demanding that north korea refrain from provocative actings. china is north korea's principle ally and seen as key to get pyonggang back in line . we hear from new reports that the norths korea missile threat may be lessening. we -- they are saying there is no more movement. according to one source a launch is not impinent and we are hearing the same thing from a u.s. source here. preparations continue for the monday birthday celebration of the north korea founder, grandfather of kim jong-un and that date is seen as a possible window for the missile launch. there were more threats of war from north korea. but some say with the new talk of dilog, north korea could be getting what it wantings. uma, i would be remiss if i did not report on the ltd. story out of south korea. psy, known from gang num rolled out the follow up. the title gentlemen and maybe behaviorial advice to the young leader up north. >> thank you very employ. kerry is calling this a will critical time for the korean
Apr 13, 2013 5:30pm PDT
now in beijing, among the cases a 7-year-old girl hundreds of miles from where this started. dr. besser in china tonight with the american scientists. why are they worried about this strain already. >>> a mother's plea, the newtown families who won't give up. the tonight the president giving this mother his microphone and his camera at the white house. >> sometimes i close my eyes and all i remember is that awful day waiting at the sandy hook volunteer firehouse for the boy who would never come home. >> are lawmakers lng and what's coming next? >>> what happened on the green that has so many golfers seeing red? tonight should tiger disqualify himself. >> good evening. thanks for being here on a saturday night. we begin with that image right here behind me, a terrifying crash landing in one of the most beautiful vacation places on earth. the fuselage broken in two. you can see the headline, everyone surviving. authorities are pointing to something new about the passenger seat. the moments after the crash in bali, the cell phone caught the chaos, passengers and crew skrak blg to
Apr 21, 2013 8:00pm PDT
to actually give up, contemplate giving up on its nuclear weapons program, it's china. >> reporter: beijing's interest will be its own. it's about what china wants: economic stability in northeast asia and a non- nuclear korean peninsula on its doorstep. beijing doesn't like the pressure and thinks washington could do more. >> the chinese are very keen to just get back to any kind of talks. i mean, in fact, the chinese regularly tell me, if obama would just pick up the phone and talk to kim jong un, we could solve this whole thing. >> reporter: all parties know north korea is vulnerable. it desperately needs a good harvest to feed its 25 million people - including millions who may be on the brink of starvation. that's why beijing won't ratchet up the pressure. >> the chinese don't want to cause a regime collapse. that's their number 1 nightmare scenario, really. so, by cutting off aid to that extent, they would essentially be bringing on the one thing they're trying most to avoid. >> reporter: in coming days, north korea's military will be pressed into service in their tens, or even hundred
Apr 16, 2013 4:25pm PDT
started a class on cloud computing. three years ago, i started a class at the university in beijing as well on this subject because i feel it is really important. we are in my opinion in the second year of a 20-year cycle that is no different than the client server cycle that happened last time around, and i think education is an important component of this. so i'm going to take my four or five minutes to educate you guys a little bit on what is this thing we call cloud computing. i'm going to try uses much plain english as i can, leave all the technical buzzwords aside, and try to eliminate -- illuminate for you what is happening. fundamentally, is an economic thing that is happening, and that is what has always driven technologies economics. i will get to that in a minute. i do a lot of public speaking. i was counting today because i had to do something this morning. over the past six months, i have talked to 5000 people about cloud computing. what i've tried to do with them and what i've tried to do with you is tried to explain cloud computing in a way you could explain to your f
Apr 1, 2013 8:30am EDT
of cooperation to go -- by way of heightened tensions between washington and beijing is to elevate tensions to the level where the chinese come in and basically ask all the parties to exercise restraint, backtrack on some of these cooperative areas and, essentially, start to get the triggering of criticism from washington that china is coddling north korea rather than reining in an ally during a very criticals calculation period. the element here that i think we can see in terms of this almost north korean ratcheting up of tensions and getting the type of reaction that would invoke some aspect of a response from china is the u.s. use of their b-52 bombers last week and their b-2 bombers now. although those are cleary a message designed -- clearly a message designed for the north korean regime, that's the deterrent stance of the united states in north korea is very strong and something that shouldn't be invoked at any time, you know, try to counsel north korea not to engage, for certain respects in china -- elements in the china, those types of capabilities right at their doorstep feeds into
Apr 14, 2013 3:00pm PDT
, that is something that in his meetings in seoul, beijing and now in tokyo secretary kerry said we will not stand for this anymore. enough of this war talk. now is the time for peace. let's just have a listen to what he said yesterday in tokyo. >> it is very simple. that the united states will do what is necessary to defend our allies, to ban republic of korea and the region against these provocations. but our choice is to negotiate. our choice is to move to the table and find a way for the region to have peace. >> reporter: so all about getting north korea back to the negotiating table, don. burr with an important caveat. north korea has to show that it's serious about dismantling its nuclear weapons program. and i think the most important visit of his trip was that the one he made to beijing where he said he'd really got a commitment of china that they were committed to a denuclearized north korea and you could tell that that in his mind was the most crucial thing, to get beijing on board because, of course, the economic ties between beijing and pyongyang are huge. north korea relies on china f
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